Upcoming Cricket Games Streams

You’ve probably spent many evenings catching up on the latest game between your favorite teams. You scrape any form of entertainment you can gain vicariously through the news articles, wishing only you could be experiencing watching the match like you were there in the stadium itself. Well, here at StreamEast, we have exactly what you’ve been looking for your entire life.

A Cricket lovers haven

We are glad to welcome all cricket lovers with open arms! We provide scores of options to watch your favorite players in dynamic and eye-grabbing games in the broadcast of various worldwide matches. Look out for a large and attractive collection of live games and free sports coverage coming at you every day so that you never run out of entertainment to get hooked on.  

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Why StreamEast is the place to be

On our site, we provide live footage of thrilling sports matches and let you catch up with any sports news you might have missed out on, with news on all the latest games and tournaments!

Find your way at ease

We also provide an incredibly minimalistic yet functional, effective, sleek, and user-friendly interface. A simple, straightforward home screen showcasing the top and hot upcoming games is ordained by a list of games and matches on the top that will take you to your desired matches in no time. Our site is easy on the eyes and ensures you have a good old time.

Top Tier quality for free

Our video qualities range from 1080 p and above, depending on your internet connection. We also provide several links for the same video to ensure that if one doesn't work, another will!

You can also count on us to be consistent with our video quality such that you know that when you're watching a video on StreamEast, you're watching a good one. 

Also, did we mention that our services are completely free? And that we have near to no annoying ads? StreamEast is the way to go for an affordable comfortable, premium viewing experience!

Safe and Sound

You are not asked to share any log in details to access our streaming services, so we ensure that you get to keep your personal and device details to yourself- where they belong! We got you if you’re looking for a stress-free and relaxing viewing experience. 

Compatible to you

StreamEast is available on the PC, laptop, or right on your phone! So, whether in the comforts of your desk or on your way to work, you can stream our matches anywhere, anytime.


To catch up on anything you missed out, you can also look at news articles to catch up with the old and check out what's coming next in the list of upcoming matches to get pumped up for newer things to come. 

Join us on StreamEast to stream only the best, most high-quality live videos, giving you an experience second best only to be in the stadium of the game itself!