Kicking and Goals: The Thrills of MLS Soccer 

Major League Soccer is the highest level of professional soccer in the United States and Canada. MLS Soccer has been dishing out thrills for fans since 1993. From sweet passes to nail-biting penalty kicks, MLS matches have it all. While the level of play remains below that of European giants like the Premier League, the passion and tight rivalries make MLS exciting to watch. 

Some of the biggest stars in the world have graced the MLS pitch over the years, like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and Wayne Rooney. The league continues to grow, and with it, the viewers. 

Major League Soccer Growth

The way that MLS Soccer has been growing over the past decade has been nothing short of stunning. The league has more than doubled, from 10 teams at the turn of the millennium to 26 in 2021. Several new franchises have debuted in major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami, spreading the beautiful game to more communities across the United States and Canada. 

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The increased popularity of soccer among American youth has fueled much of the growth, producing a huge pool of domestic talent for MLS to draw from. And fans have responded enthusiastically, filling those expanding stadiums to the brim. In 2020, MLS broke its single-season attendance record for the fifth consecutive year, drawing over 8 million spectators. With many more expansion teams on the horizon, MLS is seeing huge year-over-year gains that show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Why You Should Be Watching MLS 

From jaw-dropping goals to dramatic last-minute saves, action on the Major League Soccer pitch has provided plenty of thrills. MLS may still need to match top European leagues' technical skill and precision passing, but the physical, hard-fought contests make up for it with raw excitement. 

Players run themselves ragged for 90 minutes, hustling for every loose ball and challenging robustly in the tackle. Clever trickery and attempts at audacious bits of skill punctuate the grinding attacks, giving fans glimpses of the artistry that defines the beautiful game. And nothing beats the drama of an MLS shootout, as penalty kicks send fans to the edge of their seats. 

With equal competence among teams, nearly any squad has a shot at victory on a given day. Action on the MLS field provides non-stop entertainment for the full duration of each contest.

The competitive balance and parity among teams, unique to North American sports, keep things interesting for fans until the very last whistle blows.

The Level Of Competence Makes It Hard To Predict Winners.

The league employs a salary cap and revenue-sharing system to give every team a chance at success. The result is that nearly any team can win on a given day, making it notoriously hard for fans and experts alike to predict winners before a match even kicks off. This high unpredictability and competitive balance keep things interesting for fans throughout the season. 

They never know when their team might pull off an upset or drop points to an underdog. The lack of a few dominant dynasties means every team has a plausible path to the playoffs, keeping hope alive for fans until the very last matches are played.

Cheer For The Underdogs

Underdog clubs routinely pull off shocking upsets over perennial powerhouses, thrilling their devoted supporters. Champions from one year often struggle the next, while new challengers suddenly emerge from the pack. Even the final standings come down to the last matchday, with multiple clubs jostling for playoff spots right until the final whistle. 

Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Sebastian Lletget left in a game against the FC Dallas Wednesday, July 7, 2021.image source -

Through constant twists and turns, the tight competition ensures that fans remain invested all year, always hopeful that this might finally be their team's season to shine. The widespread unpredictability is MLS soccer at its most gripping and exciting.

Major League Soccer offers a fun and convenient way to see the world's game just outside your door, whether you're there for the deft skill or the intense struggle. The league ensures that more soccer-loving communities have an MLS club to call their own by welcoming new franchises each year. Therefore, if you still need to do so, this is the ideal moment to start following Major League Soccer and its thrilling style of nonstop soccer action.

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Whether you're there for the elegant skill or the passionate struggle, Major League Soccer offers a fun and accessible way to experience the world's game on your doorstep. With new teams joining the fold each year, the league ensures that more soccer-loving neighborhoods have an MLS club to call their own. 

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