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Today there are numerous sports available for the audience to watch and enjoy. Some use motor skills and muscle power, and some, like chess, only demand intelligence.

One violent and controversial sport is UFC. This is not a very old sport and existed a few decades ago.

However, soon after its introduction, it created a sensation worldwide. Moreover, today, people all across the globe are fans.

person using training helmet inside the ring


Also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this sport originated in America. It was established 30 years ago in the year 1993 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas, United States.

The founders include Art Davie, who was a businessman, and Rorion Gracie, who was a Brazilian martial artist. There is a very interesting story behind the UFC's emergence.

The idea for this championship came from the “Gracies in Action” video series that filmed various martial artists. These fighters belong to several martial arts and fought with each other to prove their martial art techniques superior.

This massive hit encouraged Art Davie to produce more sensation on this. He, with other founding members, proposed an eight–man single elimination match. The first was held in 1993. 

Earlier, its name was "War of the Worlds", and it is said that it was only a one–time tournament. This was also based on the same idea, to find what martial art is the best.

However, after the excitement it created and the huge success it received, the founders decided to conduct more such events. Thus the journey of UFC began to come to the present day. 


UFC is famous worldwide for having "no rules"; however, with time, it evolved. And as controversies started, it also began to formulate rules.

There are rules for many things, like judging, time limits, and other elements. Some of the common and major rules are as follows,

  •       This championship follows those rules that came under the “Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts”. Some other championships of the world abide by these rules and regulations too.
  •       In this game, players can use a variety of martial arts like boxing, Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu, Freestyle wrestling, and judo.
  •       These sports have their own rules; thus, a player needs to make his own style by mixing two or more martial arts.
  •       There are a total of 12 weight divisions, 4 for women and 8 for men, where the women's divisions are comparatively new.
  •       This championship has a 10-point system where three judges analyze the player's moves and give them points. Whoever gets the most points wins if the other doesn't submit first.
  •       The maximum time limit varies, like if it is a championship then there will be 5 rounds with 5 minutes each. In addition to this if the event is a non-main event then it will have 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. 


Some of the popular players are,

  •       Aljamain Sterling
  •       Zhang Weili
  •       Brandon Moreno
  •       Amanda Nunes
  •       Leon Edwards


Although UFC matches have violent content, it also contains a fighter's spirit that excites people. And we at Stream East present the latest UFC matches so that its fans will never have a single update.

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